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See you at the Bonjour Perth French Festival 2016



Path of Hope

Raffle results and a very
big thank you to everyone

The Bonjour Perth Festival team wish thank everyone for coming to our very first festival!  We had a wonderful day, thanks to our great volunteers who did an amazing job and our stall holders!  

You can find our lucky RAFFLE WINNERS here!

$11,452 raised for charity

We are very happy to announce that Path Of Hope has finished counting the money in the tins and boxes and we have raised the impressive amount of $11,452.35!

It was a pleasure to work with this charity and be able to raise this amount of money, so thank you all for your generous donations at the door.

We are also happy to have helped raise awareness about domestic violence and that you can get help if you are experiencing domestic violence. Don't hesitate to contact them if you need more information.

Thank you for the great photos

The Bonjour Perth Festival team would like the thank the following photographers who shared their great photos of the day with everyone!

Last year over 12,000 people helped us celebrate!

The 2015 Bonjour Perth Festival had more than 70 stalls, over 100 French cars, 70 artists and more 12,000 people who joined us in celebrating all things French on October 24th 2015 in Langley Park.

We want to thank you all for participating and giving your support in making our first Festival such a huge success. The Bonjour Perth Team is looking forward to welcoming you all in 2016.

At the OZONE RESERVE PERTH (Next to Langley Park)